Frequent question: Should I buy a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y?

Is the Model 3 better than the Model Y?

If you need a relatively inexpensive, sporty, and capable EV, the Model 3 is a solid option. If you need a more family-friendly vehicle with plenty of space for passengers and cargo, as well as an optional child-sized third row, the Model Y is the better option.

Is Tesla Model Y worth buying?

Roadshow says the Model Y is a nice and comfortable crossover SUV with plenty of head- and legroom and generous cargo space. Its ride and handling aren’t overly impressive, but its overall driving dynamics are better than rivals’ models, and its acceleration will wow you.

Is Tesla Model Y selling well?

The Tesla Model Y is absolutely dominating China’s high-end SUV market, with the all-electric crossover selling 23,117 units in November. This allowed the Model Y to outsell some of the most popular luxury SUVs that have long been selling well in China, such as the Audi Q5 and the BMW X3.

Is Tesla Model 3 worth buying?

Ideal for: Anyone who wants to switch to a battery-powered vehicle, but doesn’t want to pay over the odds. While the Model 3 is by no means cheap, it has a balance of performance, luxury, and affordability that just can’t be beaten.

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Why is the Model Y so expensive?

According to the automaker, there is such a high demand for its vehicles, and it remains production constrained. For these reasons, it’s raising prices to manipulate demand. The Model Y is one of the most popular EVs in the world, and it’s selling like crazy on our shores.

Is Tesla Model Y considered a luxury car?

For the first nine months of the year, Tesla Model Y is the best-selling Luxury Compact SUV with 42,624 registrations, more than three times the sales of its closest competitor and the combined sales of the four best-selling vehicles in the segment.

What are the pros and cons of owning a Tesla?

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Buying A Tesla, Post-Pandemic?

  • PRO: Design. …
  • PRO: Electricity, not gas. …
  • PRO: Improved air quality. …
  • PRO: Performance. …
  • PRO: Over-the-air software updates. …
  • PRO: Innovative technology. …
  • PRO: The Supercharger network. …
  • PRO: Autopilot’s potential.

Which Tesla model is best?

Overall: Model S

The Model S Plaid offers the best range and performance specs of any Tesla, with a top speed of 200 mph and an AWD electric motor that can go from 0 to 60 mph in 1.99 seconds.

How long do Tesla batteries last?

According to Elon Musk on Twitter, Tesla car batteries are supposed to technically last for 300,000 to 500,000 miles, which is 1,500 battery cycles. That’s between 22 and 37 years for the average car driver, who, according to the Department of Transportation, drives about 13,500 miles per year.

Why is the Tesla Model Y so popular?

Tesla has sold over 33,000 Model Y units thus far. According to Car and Driver, the Tesla Model Y is the best EV of the year thus far because it combines great range with the perks of Tesla ownership. These perks include access to the network of superchargers that enable fast charging.

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How many Model Y are made each day?

A production rate of 1,600 Model Y per day is incredibly impressive.

Is Tesla Model Y worth buying Reddit?

Yes! I love the way it drives and the tech is phenomenal. The downsides are a small price to pay for the fun drive and great tech. Tesla still has aways to go with quality/fit and finish.

Why are Tesla cars bad?

The electric carmaker has struggled with quality issues as it has scaled its production from tens of thousand cars a year to 500,000 in 2020. On social media, customers have documented numerous problems with new Teslas, including large gaps between body panels, poor paint jobs and chipped glass.

Do you really save money with a Tesla?

A Tesla will save you money on fuel costs, maintenance, and depreciation, however much of the running cost savings are lost due to increased insurance costs. Buying a Tesla won’t save the average driver money on running costs but likely will save them money when depreciation is factored in.

Do Teslas have problems?

Since the Teslas initial release, they have been plagued with build quality issues. Even the owner Elon Musk has admitted to the problem. This has caused many people to be skeptical if the cost of the tesla is truly worth it.