Want to drive for Uber and/or Lyft but don’t have a car or your car doesn’t qualify? We’ve compiled some of the industry’s leading rental vehicle marketplaces for rideshare and delivery drivers to find great vehicles at affordable rates.


Fair - Only For Uber

Hands down, the best option if you plan to drive for Uber. Fair partners with dealerships across the country to bring you affordable weekly rentals. Among its competitors, their inventory is the largest consisting of mostly pre-owned vehicles that are in great condition. Their app makes picking the right vehicle seamless with filters to choose from price, car make, and even location. Uber has partnered with them so that you can book directly from the Uber app.

Rates will vary from market to market, but in Atlanta, you can get rentals as low as $110/week, and some even for $130/week. You will need to add on insurance, which is an additional weekly charge. You have the option of choosing your own insurance or adding on insurance provided by Fair. Furthermore, there is a $500(non-refundable) start payment that is collected up front. However, to offset your weekly rental cost, you can earn an extra reward up to $175 each week when you complete 90 trips.  So, if you drive full-time for Uber and provide 90 rides a week, your total rental cost could be as low as $50-$70 a week with insurance. Uber’s weekly reward is tiered so you can still earn a reward even if you don’t hit 90 rides a week. A great perk about Fair is that they have a 3-Day No Risk Return Policy( most markets). So if you don't like the car for whatever reason, you can return it within 3 days of signing.  Ultimately, when you factor in Fair’s reasonable weekly rental and features with Uber’s potential reward, it makes a compelling argument against owning a car to drive for Uber.

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HyreCar - Uber & Lyft

Ideal for rideshare and delivery drivers, its plethora of diverse vehicle options allow you to rent weekly, monthly, or even for as little as 2 days. Their website makes it very easy to pick the right car by price, model, and even location.

Another great aspect about their platform is that they let you rent your vehicle out to other drivers when you’re not using it. This is a great way to supplement your rideshare earnings when you’re not driving.

With their quick on-boarding, signing up to drive is very simple- you can be on the road driving within a day.

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Express Drive Rental - Only For Lyft

This is Lyft’s rental program for Lyft drivers. The cost can be anywhere from $185 to $240 a week, varying from market to market. In Atlanta, it’s currently $219/week. The rental includes everything from unlimited miles, basic maintenance, and even insurance. Similar to Uber Rewards, Lyft has its own rewards program called “Rental Rewards.” The more rides you do, the lower the cost of the rental. So, if you do 95 rides a week, your total rental cost could be as low as $44 a week. It’s also tiered, so if you only do 65 rides in a week it’s $134/w and 80 rides a week will put you at $108 a week. In certain markets, Lyft does have a peak hour acceptance and acceptance requirement to qualify for their Rental Rewards.

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Getaround - Only for Uber

Getaround lets you rent vehicles by the hour. Recently, they partnered with Uber in a pilot program to let drivers try out the service. They are operating in several cities- San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Washington D.C, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Denver, and Portland with more to come later this year. Your rental includes unlimited miles, full maintenance, and insurance. To make the deal even sweeter, your first day is free (up to 12 hours). After that, it’s $5 per hour and a $1 or 3% booking fee of the total reservation but this is reimbursed back to the driver after the vehicle is returned.

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