HyreCar Daily Rentals For Uber And Lyft Drivers


What Is HyreCar?

HyreCar is a platform for rideshare and delivery drivers to rent a vehicle from everyday people willing to share their car. It’s similar to Turo and Getaround, except HyreCar is geared primarily towards rideshare and delivery drivers. Recently, HyreCar has partnered with dealerships to allow users to access a greater inventory of rideshare cars on their platform.


Car Rental Service Uber Lyft HyreCar

How Does It Work?

Owners or dealerships list their car(s) on the HyreCar platform. Rideshare or delivery drivers rent that car for a week, month, or even as little as 2 days. Some of these owners are current rideshare or delivery drivers looking to earn a little cash on their days off. Since most of the cars are used for ridesharing purposes, a lot of them are already Uber and Lyft approved, meaning they have passed a vehicle inspection.


Driver Requirements:

  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Must have an In-state driver’s license for at least 1 year
  • Must pass a background check and driving record check
  • No major violations such as DUI, reckless driving in the past 3 years
  • No more than two minor violations in the last three years


How Much Do Rentals Cost on HyreCar?

HyreCar allows owners and dealerships to price their vehicles as they see fit, so prices will vary from car to car. Vehicles on the HyreCar platform can range from as low as $25 and as high as $70 a day. However, the average price is around $35 a day and if you rent for a longer duration such as a week or month, many listings will give you a discount.

In addition to the daily, weekly, or monthly rate, HyreCar will charge a 10% processing fee on the total rental amount along with a daily rate for HyreCar insurance.

If you are renting for the first time and you use a debit card, you will have to pay a $200 security deposit, which is refundable after your rental ends. It’s best to use a credit card to avoid this $200 charge.


Rental Cost for HyreCar

How Much is HyreCar Insurance?

In order to protect both drivers and owners in the event of an accident, HyreCar includes full insurance approved for ridesharing at $13 a day.

Their insurance works just like any other ridesharing insurance policy, providing basic liability protection when you are offline( period 0) and when you are on the app but haven’t accepted a request yet( period 1).  However, when you are on a trip with a passenger in your car (period 2 and 3) you will go through the TNC( Uber or lyft) insurance.

Refer to the diagram below:


HyreCar Insurance

HyreCar Advantage

HyreCar is great if you’re looking to try out ridesharing to see if you like it. Unlike its competitors, HyreCar gives you the flexibility to rent for as little as 2 days. Most other rental or leasing companies that cater to rideshare drivers, require you to rent for at least 1 week.

This added flexibility means you can rent a luxury car for Uber Select or Lyft Lux for 2 days or even longer to see if it fits your needs.

Another great advantage HyreCar has is that there’s no expensive deposit (unless you are using a debit card and it’s your first trip). Not having to worry about a deposit means more money in your pocket.


Tips to follow:

  1. Try using a credit card to pay for your rental to avoid getting charged a $200 security deposit. The deposit is refundable after your rental ends.
  2. Choose a vehicle that is close proximity to you. You don’t want to drive to a far location to pick up your car. Try communicating with the owner to see if he offers free delivery. That will help you out.
  3. When you get the car, make sure to take very good pictures to ensure you don’t have to pay for anything you didn’t do.
  4. While driving the car, try taking good care of it. Treat it as if it was your own car. This will help you maintain a good relationship with the owner and improve your overall experience renting from HyreCar


Steps on Signing-Up:

Click here to Sign-up for HyreCar

  1. Create a HyreCar driver account with your email
  2. Find Your Car: Enter your location and desired pick up date and search through their huge selection of locally owned cars
  3. Submit Applications: Confirm the booking for your desired car, along with at least 5 others.

*Don’t worry, you will only be charged for the first vehicle you are approved for. Applying to multiple vehicles increases your chances of getting on the road exactly when you want to.

Once you confirm the booking for your first vehicle, they will run a quick background check (for new drivers only), which normally takes just a few hours.

  1. Once your application is approved by the car owner, you will receive three documents. The three documents include vehicle registration, 19-point inspection, and your rideshare insurance. Upload these documents in the Uber and Lyft Driver app.
  2. Meet the Owner: contact the vehicle owner to negotiate a time and location for pick up. The owner may even offer free delivery, so make sure to ask!
  3. Start driving and earning cash!