What’s Express Drive?

Express Drive is Lyft’s car rental program to provide current and prospective drivers with a vehicle to drive for Lyft. Lyft has partnered with multiple car rental companies such as Hertz, Flexdrive, and Avis to provide a huge selection of vehicles to its driver partners.


How Does It Work?

You rent a vehicle from one of Lyft’s car rental partners (Hertz, Flexdrive, Avis) on a per week basis. The rate varies from market to market, but it can be greatly reduced if you qualify for Lyft’s Rental Rewards. We’ll go more into detail below.


Driver Requirements:

  • Meet Lyft’s standard driver requirements
  • Must be at least 25 years of age
  • Pay a starter fee or refundable deposit
  • Must give at least 20 rides every week

*Lyft will refund your deposit when you stop driving with Lyft


Express Drive Availability

Lyft’s Express Drive program is national- currently, live in over 30 different cities across the states.

It runs through three different car rental companies: Hertz, Flexdrive, and Avis. Hertz is more prominent covering 29 cities with an age requirement of 25 years. However, Flexdrive has a smaller reach and an age requirement of only 21 years. Lastly, Avis is currently only in Chicago and Atlanta.

Express Drive is available in the following cities:


Hertz program

Atlanta | Baltimore | Boston | Charlotte | Chicago | Cleveland | Dallas/Fort Worth |
Denver | Las Vegas | Los Angeles | Miami | Nashville |
New Orleans | Orange County | Orlando | Phoenix | Pittsburgh |
Portland | Richmond | Sacramento | Salt Lake City | San Antonio |
San Diego | San Francisco | San Jose | Seattle | Tacoma | Tampa Bay | Washington, D.C.


Flexdrive program

Atlanta | Austin | Baltimore | Detroit | Houston | Los Angeles |
New York City | Philadelphia | San Francisco | Seattle | Washington, D.C.


Avis program

Atlanta | Chicago


How Much Does It Cost?

The cost will vary from city to city. Each city will have its own weekly rate. For example, In Atlanta, it’s currently $219 per week. This is an all-inclusive price, including Unlimited Mileage, Insurance, Maintenance, and Roadside Assistance. To offset the weekly rental price, drivers who rent through express drive will have the opportunity to participate in Lyft’s Rental Rewards. This is Lyft’s rewards program that incentivizes drivers to give more rides so that they can reduce their weekly rental payment. For example, for the Atlanta market, if you give 95 rides per week, you’ll only pay $44 for that week. It’s tiered so if you give 80 rides, your rental payment will be $104, and if you just give 65 rides, your rental payment will be $164 per week.


In order to qualify for Lyft’s Rental Rewards, you will have to meet the following:

  1. Ride count requirement: This is the weekly ride count requirement outlined above
  2. Peak ride requirement: These are rides that are given during the Lyft’s busy hours such as the morning rush hour, afternoon rush hour, etc. when passengers are in need of a ride the most. The hours will vary from city to city, but you can view the required hours in your Driver Dashboard.
  3. 90% acceptance rate: This means that you have to accept 90% of the trip requests while on the Lyft app. A ride is deemed “accepted” when you aren’t ignoring or canceling it. If you are accepting most, if not, all of all the rides you are receiving, then you can easily maintain this benchmark.

Some things to consider:

A Rental Rewards period beings from Monday at 5 am and ends the following Monday at 4:59  a.m.

Rental Rewards can be prorated. In fact, the ride requirements (as well as the amount of the reward itself) are prorated based on when your rental agreement beings. Monday is always the start of the billing week.

For example, let's say your rental reward is $70, and the ride requirement is 70. If you pick up your car on a Friday, you’ll only have your car for 3 days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) for the first billing week. This means you would only need to give 30 rides to meet the ride requirement for your first week, and the bonus amount would be $30.

See the 'Earnings' tab of your Driver Dashboard for specific Rental Rewards requirements and learn more.

Also, Rental Rewards do not include tax that you will have to pay on the final rental price. So even though it might be $44 with Rental Rewards, there will be an applicable rental tax on top of that depending on your city, state, and jurisdiction.


How to Sign-Up for Express Drive?

Signing-up is very simple. You will need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Express Drive Sign-up Page
  2. Enter your first name, last name, e-mail address, city, and phone number.
  3. Enter a promo/Referral code. Use our promo code Drive4Rideshare for the best rates.
  4. In the Vehicles section on the dashboard or if Lyft has asked you to provide information regarding your vehicle, click “Rent a car”
  5. After that, you will be able to choose a day and a time (given time slots to choose from) within the immediate week to pick up a car
  6. You will be prompted to authorize the Rental Agreement and Authorization form
  7. Depending on your driving record, Lyft will determine your rental deposit. For most drivers, it’s $250.
  8. Enter Payment details. You will see your Reservation details
  9. Go pickup the car and start earning!


Express Drive Frequently Asked Questions

What all does Express Drive Include?

  • Unlimited mileage
  • Routine maintenance
  • Full insurance
  • Roadside assistance
  • Rental Rewards to offset rental cost

Can Express Drive participants be eligible for Ride Challenges?

No, Express Drive participants are eligible for exclusive rental pricing tiers and Rental Rewards

How long can I keep my rental?

There’s no long-term commitment with Express Drive. Keep your rental for as long as you’d like and return any time after your first seven days.

How are deposits returned?

According to Lyft,”

  • If you don’t pass the DMV/background check(once the 10-day contesting window has closed)
  • If you request to end the Express Drive program before picking up a rental car
  • When you stop using Express Drive and return your car, if your account is in good standing.

After you return the vehicle, the rental deposit is returned to your driver earnings within 5-10 business days. If you had any rental charges from the week of return, some or all of the deposit will be used to cover the charges.

Rental deposits cannot be used to cover any outstanding rental charges that are attempted to the payment method on file when due.”

Am I able to use the car for personal use?

Express Drive comes with unlimited miles, so you can earn with Lyft and drive for personal use.

Note: Rental vehicles may only be driven out of state for official Lyft ride use, not for personal use.

With Express Drive, can I cash out early with Express Pay?

No, Express Drive renters are not eligible for Express Pay( a program which gives Lyft drivers the opportunity to cash out their earnings anytime during the week for a $0.50 fee.

If I’m currently a driver for Lyft, can I sign-up for Express Drive?

Yes, you can. You can sign-up for Express Drive by going to the Vehicles tab in your Driver Dashboard then clicking on "rent a vehicle." Follow the same instructions outlined above.