Cargo Box

Turn your side hustle into a mini convenience store with the Cargo box

Increase your earnings, tips, and ratings by handing out products ordered from your mini convenience store.

Benefits of the Cargo Box:

  • Speed Up Your Rideshare Earnings: Install the box, have riders order from the Cargo Store website, then hand out their products. Earn from each order, even with free items.
  • No Upfront Costs or Inventory: Receive a Cargo Box filled with products and access the Cargo Store website
  • No More Buying Things for Riders: We keep track and automatically send you products when you're running low.
  • Easy to Use: All orders go through the Cargo website. Earnings are directly deposited every week in your bank account too.
  • Compact Design: Simple to store away when you want to use your vehicle for personal use with friends and family.


Cargo Box Uber Lyft Vending Machine


Cargo Box Uber Lyft Vending Machine


Cargo Box Uber Lyft Vending Machine


Mystro App

Mystro allows you to seamlessly switch between the Uber/Lyft apps, and set filters for certain trip and service requests. This allows drivers to be safer, and more productive on the road.

It's only available for Android with iOS functionality coming soon.

Some of Mystro's Features Include:


       App Switching                           Trip Filtering                       Service Filters            



Hurdlr automatically tracks all of your mileage, expenses, income streams, and tax deductions in real-time.

Some of Hurdlr's features:

  • Real-Time Profit Before and After Tax: Know your real-time finances, profitability, and taxes
  • Automatic for self-employed entrepreneurs: Uber, Lyft, Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates, Instacart, and many other drivers working in the on demand space.
  • Auto-Track Mileage, Maximize Your Profit: Actively tracks your business mileage, with auto start and stop.
  • Automatically Track Every Expense, Claim Every Deduction: Automatically tracks your expenses and deductions, with auto categorization

     Quickbooks Self-Employed

    Quickbooks Self-Employed allows rideshare and food delivery drivers to track their mileage, business income and expenses all in one place. It's a great tool that can help you tremendously come tax time.

    Some features of Quickbooks self-employed include:

    • Automatic mileage tracking
    • Sync banking information such as accounts, record business income and expenses
    • Set up rules that automatically file expenses in real time under the correct business category.
    • Separate personal and business expenses
    • Integrate with Turbox
    • Calculate quarterly taxes
    • Generate reports on Profit and Los, and detailed tax summaries


     Rideshare Mechanic

    Rideshare Mechanic allows rideshare drivers to complete vehicle inspections through their smartphone from the comfort of their home. This added convenience means no going to a mechanic, no getting stuck in traffic, and no wasting gas and money. Their service allows you to start driving for Uber and/or Lyft faster.

    Features Include:

    • Quick and Easy: The average inspection takes only 15 minutes, and you can do it from your driveway.
    • No Risk: The cost is comparable to your local mechanic, and you don't pay unless your car passes the inspection.
    • On Demand: Need it now? They accept on-demand and scheduled appointments.
    • No Upsells: They are only focused on the 19-point vehicle inspection, so you'll never be asked to purchase additional services.
    • Live Support: Friendly support walks you through the onboarding process and recommends resources to help maximize your income.


    Steereo allows rideshare drivers to earn extra money by playing new music from artists in their car. Drivers are paid $0.03 per minute of music playtime and Steereo estimates that drivers earn up to $120 per month.

    Some Notable Features Include:

    • Exclusive: They are the only music app exclusively for rideshare drivers
    • Flexible: Drivers can drive with any company such as Uber, Lyft, Via, etc.
    • Earnings: The more you play- the more you earn. Promising earning potential with avg. earnings: $120+ p/mo


    Get Steereo for Uber and Lyft DriversMake Money with Steereo Uber Lyft DriversEarn Extra Cash with Steereo App Uber Lyft Drivers


    Gridwise helps rideshare drivers earn more by optimizing their driving through crowdsourced information from other drivers. They tout that "drivers earn 39% more per hour" by using the app. 

    Some of Gridwise's features include:

    • Get to the Airport When Passengers are Landing: Decide if it's a good time to go to the airport based on the number of arriving and departing passengers
    • Avoid Crowded Airport Lots: Check community-contributed queues for all of the nearby airports
    • Eliminate downtime: Stay busy by finding popular events full of potential passengers
    • Analyze Your Performance: Track your earnings across all of the rideshare services you drive for
    Increase Rideshare Earnings Through the Gridwise App    Increase Rideshare Earnings Through the Gridwise App   Increase Rideshare Earnings Through the Gridwise App                                


    FireFly allows rideshare drivers to increase their income by displaying ads on top of their car. A small digital billboard is placed on the top of the vehicle. 

    **Note: you must be careful when getting a car wash. You will probably have to get your car hand washed instead of going through the automatic machine.
    Get FireFly Rideshare Drivers Increase Earnings


    Grabb-It functions just like FireFly except it allows rideshare and food delivery drivers to display digital ads on their windows. It allows rideshare and delivery drivers to increase their earnings through digital advertising.

    How it works:

    • Plug N Play: Easily installable screen on your window. And yes, you can roll the window down!
    • Free Installation: We will install the screen on your car with no extra cost to you.
    • Earn Money: See your income grow by displaying ads on the window. While you drive wherever you  are going.

    Increase Earnings Uber Lyft with Window Advertising

    Play Octopus

    Play Octopus allows rideshare drivers to enhance their passenger's experience through offering riders with games, cash prizes, and other entertainment. Rideshare drivers are given free tablets, free mounts, free LTE data, and earn up to $100 per month for driving with the tablet.

    Some Cool Features Include:

    • Free Tablets: All rideshare drivers( Uber, Lyft, Via, etc.) can apply for a free tablet and accessories such as free mounts, and free LTE data.
    • Higher Earnings: Get more tips and extra earnings( up to $100/month)
    • Higher Driver Ratings: Games make rides more fun and boost your ratings
    • Better Conversations: Connect with passengers like never before
    Entertain Uber Lyft Passengers with Play Octopus App


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