Does BMW i3 need oil change?

Oil change, air filters and brake fluid. So this year (2020), it’s supposed to have its brake fluid and oil changed, as those are due every two years. …

How often does a BMW i3 need an oil change?

Maintenance work: Change the engine oil and oil filter every 12 months, in connection with scheduled vehicle check.

Does BMW i3 use oil?

The bmw i3 requires sae 0w-30 synthetic motor oil.

What kind of maintenance does a BMW i3 need?

Re: Maintenance cost on used BMW I3

The car does have shocks, tires, brakes, a cabin air filter, and wiper blades that need to be serviced like any car. The actual brakes should last a very long time if you actually use the regenerative braking to best advantage.

What is the life expectancy of BMW i3 battery?

BMW is one of the few EV manufacturers that offer a clear battery capacity loss warranty, and has guaranteed at least 70% capacity for 8 years or 100,000 miles. The stated usable capacity for the 2014 i3 is 18.8 kWh. Therefore, the battery would need to degrade to 13.15 kWh to trigger a warranty claim.

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How much is maintenance on a BMW i3?

The annual maintenance cost of a BMW i3 is $1,173. Repair and maintenance costs vary depending on age, mileage, location and shop.

Where is the engine in BMW i3?

The electric motor is located between the rear wheels. The empty space at the right of the motor is reserved to accommodate the range-extending gasoline engine.

How does BMW extender work?

The small and quiet two-cylinder petrol engine powers a generator that maintains the charge level of the high-voltage battery at a constant level so that the BMW i3 can continue to drive purely electrically. The Range Extender switches on automatically when the battery level is low.

Is BMW i3 worth buying?

Conclusion. Buying a used BMW i3 isn’t a good idea for most people, if I’m being honest. Sure, it’s cheap and you get a carbon-tubbed, all-electric BMW for very little money. However, it has an extremely low range, a small cabin, and it’s also going to suffer from pretty epic depreciation.

Is the BMW i3 reliable?

In theory, the i3 has fewer moving parts than a petrol or diesel car, so it should be more reliable. But there’s still plenty of high-tech electrics that could potentially go wrong.

Is BMW i3 a reliable car?

According to our most recent reliability survey, the i3 scored 94.1%, which put it in 4th place in a class of 8 electric cars. BMW as a brand finished 13th out of 30 manufacturers – a respectable result.

How much does it cost to replace BMW i3 battery?

BMW i3 Battery Replacement Cost

In 2016, BMW reported that replacing an i3 battery would cost about $16,000. This was for the 2013-2016 model years which have 22 kWh packs, equating to $727/ kWh in real 2016 dollars.

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